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flexographic printing plates

Flexographic printing or Offset for folding carton packaging?

Aside digital printing mainly associated with short run printing, offset and flexographic printing are the main printing technologies used in the packaging industry. Flexographic printing Flexography, often abbreviated for flexo, is a printing technique using flexible relief plates. The plates are inked and applied directly onto the substrate.The process was patented at the end of […]


High Strength Folding Carton: Folding boxboard, micro-flute (E, N, F) and solidboard

To fulfill the needs of high strength folding carton packaging, 3 main options come to mind : Folding boxboard, micro-flute (E, N, F) and solidboard. Boxboard is the most commonly used board used for folding carton packaging. It offers interesting features regarding its strength, print quality and foldability but the maximum thickness available is 28-32 pts […]