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Netpak Packaging, a leading Canadian packaging printer based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) is announcing a multi-million dollar investment in its Montreal plant. In order to support its growth and better serve its partners, Netpak is investing massively in new equipment on its production line. Netpak’s focus is on automation, high quality standard, increased productivity and speed […]


Bag-in-box: The sustainable packaging solution

Bag-in-Box is a trending packaging solution with an estimated growth over 8% for some segments. It is particularly suitable for the wine industry but also for juices, cooking oil and household products. Its main characteristics are volume efficiency (and hence a lower footprint) and oxygen and light barriers (for longer product preservation after opening). The boxes can be […]

Netpak Factory - Usine Netpak - RBA Rapida

How Netpak has become a folding carton manufacturer of choice for packaged goods manufacturers

To keep up with a fierce competition and rapidly changing consumer behaviors, consumer packaged goods  manufacturers (CPG) are seeking manufacturing partners with high flexibility and the fastest possible turnaround to constantly adapt to unpredictable market conditions. While most folding cartons manufacturers offer a 8 to 12 weeks lead time tied with rigid sales conditions which […]

Portique pour étiquettes de sécurité - Security tagging and systems

Security tagging – Protect your products against theft

Annual shoplifting loss is estimated at 13 billions dollars in the US. More and more retailers have invested in shoplifting prevention and security tagging systems and they often tag themselves valuable merchandise with removable security tags. They can also use deactivable security labels. But retailers are encouraging products manufacturers to integrate security tagging into their […]