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Portique pour étiquettes de sécurité - Security tagging and systems

Security tagging – Protect your products against theft

Annual shoplifting loss is estimated at 13 billions dollars in the US. More and more retailers have invested in shoplifting prevention and security tagging systems and they often tag themselves valuable merchandise with removable security tags. They can also use deactivable security labels. But retailers are encouraging products manufacturers to integrate security tagging into their […]

Seafood packaging blog post illustration

Seafood packaging : polycoated paperboard is an appealing solution

Seafood packaging covers a wide array of materials, depending on its function from Styrofoam boxes to bags, resealable stand up pouches or printed paperboard boxes. The very first packaging need in the seafood industry appears on the fishing vessel where Styrofoam boxes are used to store the fishery products and maintain an appropriate temperature with […]


Direct Offset Lithography printing on MicroFlute

Microflute corrugated is a relatively new product. It has exceptional properties which allow for a wide variety of end uses in packaging. The micro-flute segment comprises roughly 7-9 percent of total corrugated market in North America. Recent studies report an annual growth rate of microflute applications between 12 and 15 percent. While the largest share […]