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A Partnership Based on Trust

When founding NETPAK, we endeavored to make our customers benefit from every possible certification. This commitment allows us to consistently deliver high-quality packaging while offering the best safety and traceability guarantees.

Our objective is to establish a trusted framework for our customers that testifies to our continuous improvement process. Whatever the relevant industry certification, our customers can be sure that Netpak has obtained it or is about to obtain it.

More broadly, we firmly believe that environmental issues and concerns are primary social responsibility issues. Thus, as a printer , we play an advisory role with our clients to opt for eco -performance solutions. This aspect must be reflected in all development phases , from project engineering to finishing , with a minimal carbon trace. Moreover, green solutions are more cost effective !

NETPAK, Always One Step Ahead.

BRC certified

As a professional printing and packaging company, we are now BRC/IoP Issue 4-certified by GFSI which validates the high standards of quality, safety and traceability of our production line.

Always at the cutting edge of innovation, we are the first  North American packaging printer to obtain a BRC certification and the only BRC-certified Canadian company in our industry. There is a consensus among experts that BRC standards are rapidly becoming the reference in the field of food safety in North America.

To know more about the BRC certification, refer to our infographics and our certificate.

GMI certified

GMI certification evaluates 5 key components: process control and documentation, equipment maintenance, training procedures, operator capability and equipment performance. The print test measures Netpak’s ability to match spot colors and hence Netpak’s ability to ensures compliance with brand standards.


ISO 9001 certified

Being one of the most know certifications, ISO 9001 relies on key principles of Quality control and management, a focus on customer satisfaction, management engagement, process orientation and continuous improvements.


ECO-FRIENDLY certified

Well aware of responsibiity towards its community and its environment, Netpak thrives at improving its processes to minimize environmental impact while using raw material sourced from responsible managed forests.