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flexographic printing plates

Flexographic printing or Offset for folding carton packaging?

Aside digital printing mainly associated with short run printing, offset and flexographic printing are the main printing technologies used in the packaging industry. Flexographic printing Flexography, often abbreviated for flexo, is a printing technique using flexible relief plates. The plates are inked and applied directly onto the substrate.The process was patented at the end of […]

micro-flute - E F N

Micro-flute for packaging : what is the difference between E, F and N-flute corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated cardboards differentiate themselves by the type of liner (the surface sheet) and the flute type (the wavy part). Flute types are defined by their thickness and the number of flutes per lineal foot. Micro-flute board belong to this type.   The thinner the flute is the lighter the packaging is since the flute requires […]


Paperboard Material in Folding Carton

In today’s packaging landscape, the choice of raw materials can be daunting. Substitutions are sometimes made with little or no regard to suitability, nonetheless, the differences in paperboard properties and appropriate application are creating some interesting nuances in today’s recovering economy. The choice of substrate is influenced by a number of key parameters including the […]

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Netpak Receives Walgreens Certified Print Packaging Supplier Status (GMI)

Netpak Inc., the leading innovator in food, pharma and beauty packaging, is proud to be among the first Canadian printing and packaging manufacturer to earn full certification as a Walgreens Certified Print Packaging Supplier. The Graphic Measures International Full Certification (GMI) guarantees that the final packaging will meet the highest standards of quality, thereby safeguarding […]


Direct Offset Lithography printing on MicroFlute

Microflute corrugated is a relatively new product. It has exceptional properties which allow for a wide variety of end uses in packaging. The micro-flute segment comprises roughly 7-9 percent of total corrugated market in North America. Recent studies report an annual growth rate of microflute applications between 12 and 15 percent. While the largest share […]